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Use Cases

I don’t have a clear picture of my software licenses.

When you lack a clear view of your software licensing, you can’t make solid IT or business decisions. Gaining visibility into your software licensing takes a lot of effort, especially when you are dealing with hundreds of different software publishers. You not only need to know your effective license position (ELP)--a reconciled compliance position of your entitlements and licenses in use--but also the actions you should take for the best interests of your organization while managing your software licenses .

Software license visibility is blurry at best; you may be experiencing these symptoms:

  • I don’t know what I own and it’s difficult locating our software purchase data and contracts.
  • I am confused by license terms and don’t know how to determine if I’m compliant.
  • I lack visibility into SaaS application subscriptions across our various business units and I am concerned we aren't optimizing our collective spend.
  • I struggle to get a full picture of software deployed because the inventory data is fragmented and in multiple systems (on-prem, cloud, etc.).
  • I’m not sure what I have deployed, what I own, or what I need because my SAM tool doesn’t automatically calculate compliance.

See in 20/20 vision with Software License Management services.


Put dollars back in your pocket by right-sizing your software to the needs of your organization.


Avoid incurring costs in the future by knowing what you have and what you need.


Be prepared for future audits by keeping your finger on the pulse of everything you own, deploy, and consume.

Baseline Framework

Go beyond license tracking and ELPs

Properly managing software licenses is more than just effective license positions (ELPs). You need to understand what the data means so you can effectively implement changes that manage risk, control your software spend, and mitigate the inherent security risks from publisher-initiated changes.

Not seeing your key software publishers clearly? Get help with:

What our clients are saying.

“Anglepoint has provided guidance and reporting on 21 of our key publishers. Our procurement teams are getting better insight and advice ahead of negotiating upcoming renewals. They are also partnering with us to get visibility into the previously unknown parts of our networks.”

– Senior Director, IT Asset Management, Global Media