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SAP licensing is complex. The disconnect between what license managers purchase and what SAP administrators deploy can expose your company to compliance risks. Thankfully, we found an easier way to help you understand and optimize your SAP estate.

What makes managing SAP licensing so hard?

  • Contracts can be difficult to interpret and may have been amended multiple times throughout your software lifecycle. 
  • SAP commonly requires you to complete an annual review and LAW tool output as part of an audit. Handled incorrectly, these can heavily expose your organization. 
  • SAP named-user licenses are confusing and it’s challenging to understand what you have and what you need. 
  • New licensing models when migrating to S4/HANA Cloud or Rise with SAP mean understanding your current licensing model and usage is key for a successful conversion. 

Transform your SAP confusion into SAP Mastery.

SAP Named User Optimization

  • Get a laser-accurate view of what you own and what you are deploying.
  • Evaluate and reassign licenses based on the specific needs of your organization.
  • Create a unified view of what you actually own.

    Our experts will help you:

    • Compile a comprehensive inventory of everything you own—contracts, amendments, purchase orders, and documentation.
    • Use this data to create an optimal strategy for license usage based on your entitlements.
    • Utilize your SAM technology as a single source of truth by uploading and configuring your entitlements.
    Optimize your SAM technology for SAP.
    • Learn about the key benefits and drawbacks of S4/HANA Cloud and RISE with SAP and which is right for you.
    • Migrate successfully with a thorough understanding of your own license entitlement and future demand.
    Get the best deal when switching to the Digital Access Model.
    • Analyze your actual use to determine which model is right for you.
    • Understand the requirements of Digital Access when migrating to S4/HANA.
    Negotiate contracts from a position of knowledge and strength.
    • Prepare for the negotiation by gathering data from stakeholders, prioritizing outcomes and formulating your strategy.
    • Execute the negotiation. Based on your needs we can play an active or passive role when it’s time to negotiate.
    • Develop a playbook to guide future contract negotiation strategies.
    Face audits with confidence with Software License Audit Support.
    • Understand your contractual obligations. Sometimes audits can be minimized through thorough review of USSM and LAW.
    • Get help from our team of ex-auditors to understand audit requests, manage responses, validate results, and achieve your optimal position.
    • Apply our tested methodology built with rich, publisher-specific knowledge and tailored to your needs.

    What our clients are saying.

    “Anglepoint has become our trusted SAM service provider in the past year. Their expertise and guidance has been instrumental in allowing us to mitigate risk and optimize license renewals to the tune of multi-millions of dollars. It’s wonderful to no longer have to live in fear of software audits!”

    – Senior IT Manager, Energy and Utilities Industry