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IT Security  & GRC

Don’t let IT security and compliance worries keep you up at night. Our experts are standing by to ensure you can operate with the vigilance, control, and confidence required in today’s technology landscape.

IT Security  & GRC

Cyber  Security

Interconnected data is the lifeblood of modern business, and the source of great risk.  Our cyber security experts can help you with vulnerability management, patch management, network security, and penetration testing to protect your company and customers from vulnerabilities in the applications, software, and networks you rely on every day.

Cloud  Security

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) like Azure, AWS and Google typically deploy security controls to protect their environments, but they expect end-users to implement additional security  on  specific cloud instances.

Anglepoint analyzes the gaps between CSP-provided security and your company’s  security controls, including  all aspects of IT Security vulnerabilities and compliance requirements to provide holistic cloud security solutions.

Privacy  Compliance

Regulators and consumers alike are pushing hard to protect personal information as the value of this data grows each day.

We can help you stay compliant in this evolving landscape. Anglepoint has deep expertise in multiple compliance standards, including  EU GDPR, US Privacy Shield, Singapore Privacy Law, and Australian Privacy Law. We understand the regulatory environment  and can provide the right solutions for your business.

IT Security  Compliance

As information security threats rise, so do IT security compliance requirements. Anglepoint systematically examines your businesses processes, identifies unique risks, and makes recommendations to address security threats and meet compliance requirements specific to your business. Our experts bring decades of experience in multiple compliance standards, including ISO 27001, SOX, HIPAA, PCI, SOC2, FedRamp, and NIST.

Identity  Access  Management  (IAM)

Cloud integrations have changed how we do business, but they also present a host of new security and privacy touchpoints to manage. Anglepoint IAM services helps you with access management, designing workflow for approvals, setting up role-based privileges and  controls, managing single sign-on systems, administering multi-factor authentication, and more.

Managed  Security  Services

Confidential data are under constant threat from hackers. Anglepoint Managed Security Services provide a systematic approach to managed security based on decades of deep domain expertise. We can help you with cost-efficient threat detection, timely maintenance, and ongoing support.

Our Methodology

1. Strategic Planning

The ultimate success of a security program comes from careful and direct planning upfront to ensure the expectations of all parties are understood and that the client can achieve its desired goals.

2. Delivery Assurance

A security managed service must be consistent, repeatable, accurate, and strive to always deliver quality as it accomplishes the organization’s security objectives.

3. Quality

At Anglepoint, we believe in delivering the highest level of service possible. We accomplish this by employing the best security experts in the world who have years of experience providing sustainable security managed services.

4. Innovation

We are always looking for ways to improve our service. Innovation is in our DNA and we strive each day to find ways to help our clients achieve their security goals faster, better, and more efficiently.

5. Continual Service Improvement

Part of our security service delivery includes regular feedback from our clients. We do this through a Continual Service Improvement loop which allows us to regularly make course corrections to ensure you are receiving the  best product.