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Managing a Quest Audit Case Study

See how we helped a large hospital and healthcare company save $3-5M in costs avoidance.

The Challenge

Quest had launched an audit of a large Hospital and Health Care company. The company had no expertise to coordinate the project, however, it initially attempted to work with Quest directly which led to scope creep and an increased pressurized working relationship and timeline. The company had also failed to apply core governance and control internally, which introduced significant risk to the business.

The Solution

Anglepoint immediately implemented steps to govern communications and information sharing between the company and Quest. Additionally, we introduced a project plan to coordinate resources across multiple divisions to gather information in advance of sharing with Quest to establish appreciation of environment and to highlight core risks. We also provided guidance to reduce product scope.

The Results

Anglepoint provided the company with an Effective License Position (ELP), remediation plan, legal recommendations, and executive briefing.We were able to help the company reduce the final settlement figure by 23%, ensure the technical accuracy of the audit report, avoid escalation to legal footing, clarify contractual basis for future interactions with Quest, and maintain control of the Quest audit process. Additionally, cost avoidance across the products in scope was approx. $3-$5 million.

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