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Use Cases

How do I create a business case for SAM?

Getting the support you need to build a SAM program can be a daunting task. Depending on the level of executive buy-in and your organization's strategy, you may need to approach building a case for SAM in several ways. Our framework will help you align your SAM program to the goals of your organization and create a business case for software asset management.

If you’re experiencing one of these, you’re not alone:

  • I've been tasked with figuring out SAM (or ITAM), but I don‘t know where to start.
  • I know SAM is important, but my management doesn‘t see it that way. I need help finding a program sponsor.
  • My management is asking for a return on investment (ROI) and I‘m not sure how I can demonstrate ROI before I‘ve even started.
  • I‘ve tried this in the past, but it didn‘t take off. My leaders are hesitant to invest in ITAM efforts again.
  • My company isn‘t worried about compliance, but I know we still need SAM.

It’s time to demonstrate the value of SAM.

business case for software asset management risk

Reduce Risk

Be prepared for future audits by keeping your finger on the pulse of everything you own, deploy, and consume.

cost savings icon

Save on Cost

Put dollars back in your pocket after right-sizing your software to the needs of your organization.

business case for software asset management trends

Plan for the Future

Avoid incurring costs on future expenses by knowing what you have and what you need.

Find out how much you could save on your software spend.

Business Case Framework

Make your business case for software asset management.

Articulating the need and value of a SAM program is crucial when it comes to getting stakeholder buy-in. Our framework to prepare and create the case for software asset management has helped organizations across the world demonstrate why SAM programs can’t be ignored.

ITAM business case for software asset management framework
  • Understand the priorities of the organization.

    Whether it‘s cost savings, reducing overspend, or risk mitigation, your business case should align with what you value as an organization.

  • Assess your application portfolio.

    Which are the riskiest software publishers in your portfolio? Identify areas that are not covered by your inventory tools.

  • Interview your IT stakeholders.

    What IT issues are causing headaches in your organization? Use your business case to address the specific pain-points of your users.

  • Justify the resources you need.

    Paint a clear picture of the future with elements on ROI, cost savings potential, and the risks of inaction.

What our clients are saying.

“From a vendor audit perspective, Anglepoint’s expertise is unbelievable. Our purchase with Anglepoint has been recognized by executive leadership as a great decision for our organization.”

– SAM Program Director, Banking and Finance