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Why security is integral to ITAM (and vice versa): An Oracle Java case study

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How ITAM & security should work together.

June 15, 2022 | 1pm ET

Most people are now aware that Oracle has changed its licensing rules for Java. What used to be free in most cases is now subject to license costs.

Unfortunately, in an effort to save money on licensing fees, many organizations are keeping their systems on older versions of Java (that are still free to use). While this strategy may save on licensing costs, it also exposes organizations to a new form of risk: cyber vulnerabilities.

This case study highlights why security teams deserve a seat at the ITAM table – and vice versa.

Points covered in this webinar:

  • Changes to Oracle Java
  • Java options available to users & associated risks
  • Ways that ITAM and security should work together
  • And more

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Scott Jensen is a Senior Manager at Anglepoint and leads the Oracle Practice. He originally joined Anglepoint’s Security Team, providing internal audit and audit readiness services for several clients. Shortly thereafter Scott witnessed the industry need for more Oracle expertise, and quickly became well-versed in Oracle licensing, consumption analysis, contract negotiation, and audit support. He has since pioneered and streamlined processes for analyzing Oracle data and has saved his clients billions of dollars in Oracle spend through his observations and insight.

As a Senior Director,  Avinash leads the IT Security and GRC services at Anglepoint helping clients in the area of information security, risk management, and privacy. He is also the Data Protection Officer (DPO) and leads the privacy program at Anglepoint

With over 15 years of experience in IT security, Avinash loves working with clients in building security programs focusing on governance, risk and compliance, third party vendors, privacy and overall security risk across the organization.