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SAM Clears Technology Services Company’s Name from Allegation of Pirated Software Usage

(April 2022)

SAM teams can use this case study to understand how proper software usage rights can lead to cost savings within software assets.

Company Profile

  • Industry: Technology Services
  • Size: +150,000 users
  • Revenue: 25B — 50B USD
  • Region: Europe
  • Market: Global 2000
Total Cost Analysis:
In cost avoidance & cost savings

The Challenge

Allegations of pirated software revealed gaps in SAM estate

Despite feeling they were within their usage rights when it came to their Dassault agreement, a European technology services company was repeatedly hit with allegations of unauthorized usage. Over four years, their bill had racked up to over $8.4M and Dassault was now asking for quarterly infringement reporting. 

 But while the organization had a hunch they were in the right, they didn’t know where to find the data to prove it. It turns out this was a problem with all their publishers, and they knew it was only a matter of time before other audits turned up at their door. 

 The client wanted to consolidate many local agreements in place while respecting a significant divestiture.  

The Solution

Explore allegations and design global SAM governance 

The company turned to Anglepoint with their wealth of experience in allegations and audits to: 

  • Conduct an in-depth analysis to identify, understand, and remove the root cause of the repeat infringements globally 
  • Analyze entitlements and consumption to determine needs for ABB’s Global Consolidated contract, and those needed for a divested entity 
  • Provide best practice contractual terms to be negotiated as part of the new global agreement 
  • Craft new language into SAM policy documentation to define the consequences of using pirated software 
The Impact

Optimized SAM estate that is audit-ready and verified free of pirated software

  • They created a new negotiated framework agreement, excluding divested entities, resulting in efficiencies in managing a complex vendor with maximized discounts. 
  • Established new proactive, reactive, and corrective processes, including vendor response, device identification, infringement verification and decommissioning processes. 
  • Identified $200M of unauthorized software infringements in the client’s estate within 9 months 
  • Realized cost avoidance of $126M 

The client and Anglepoint successfully disproved vendor allegations of unauthorized software usage. The client held no financial obligation.

“Practical framework for IT-SAM life cycle management. The process of establishing Effective license positioning and risk and opportunity assessment is well formulated.”
– Head of Strategy and Governance, IT Asset Management