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Aerospace Contractor Uses Software Asset Management to Improve Information Security

(April 2022)

SAM teams can use this case study to understand an improved Software Asset Management (SAM) program can optimize information security

Company Profile

  • Industry: Aerospace
  • Size: +125,000 Users
  • Revenue: +50B USD
  • Region: North America
  • Market: Fortune 500
Total Service Analysis:
Security Updates Executed

The Challenge

Limited Visibility into Security Estate

Information Security had limited visibility into vulnerable software titles and installations across the enterprise as their tools did not capture detailed software installation data and asset coverage was suspect​. 

Information Security requires normalized software installations to patch or uninstall software and eliminate security risks to the enterprise. 

The Solution

Identify and Leverage a Tool to Gain Visibility into Security SAP

  • Constructed specific self-service views in IT Asset Management (ITAM) tool so that Information Security could easily view installations based on version and software title​. 
  • Leveraged IBM’s License Metric Tool (ILMT) inventory data to increase total records discovered in Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and improve Information Security’s overall asset coverage​. 
  • Created partnerships so that Information Security regularly updates software continuous integrations (CIs) that are no longer approved to be used within the enterprise, preventing at-risk installs. 
The Impact

Highly Optimized Security SAP Program

  • 110,000 Adobe Flash player installs removed​ 
  • 2,793 servers added to CMDB from ILMT discovery 
  • 357 Oracle WebLogic vulnerable installs patched 
  • 87 vulnerable Atlassian application instances removed 
  • 53 susceptible Citrix Servers patched 

ITAM now collaborates daily with Information Security on their requests to provide accurate and succinct intelligence allowing patch vulnerabilities to occur quickly and efficiently.

Exhibit 1:

Results of Security Improvement

“Our portfolio managers rely heavily on the Anglepoint team and know that they will produce high quality deliverables.”
– Senior Manager, IT Asset Management