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Aerospace Company Turns Unexpected IBM Audit into Millions in Cost Savings

(Dezember 2021)

SAM teams can use this case study to understand how transforming your SAM program results in millions in cost savings and a higher level of cross-functional cooperation within your company.

Company Profile

  • Industry: Aerospace
  • Size: +150,000 Users
  • Revenue: +100B USD 
  • Region: North America
  • Market: Global 2000/Fortune 500
Total Cost Analysis:
In cost avoidance & cost savings

The Challenge

An Unexpected IBM Audit

If the prospect of an IBM audit scares you, you’re not alone. Just ask one of our clients–a well-known global aerospace contractor. With yearly IT spend in the millions, and with an organization spread across multiple continents, a surprise IBM audit spelled serious trouble for this company. The Software Asset Management (SAM) team within the aerospace contractor needed expertise installing ILMT to avoid further IBM investigation. That’s when they decided to partner with Anglepoint.

The Solution

Install ILMT and Redesign the SAM Program

The internal SAM team partnered with Anglepoint to accomplish an overhaul of their SAM program which included:

  • ILMT install
  • Building a new, more effective SAM process
  • Strategic reporting used to support all aspects of the business
  • Revitalization of a cross-functional team culture

This new process and reporting allowed for the SAM team to build more strategic, cross-functional relationships resulting in a culture shift; from one of distrust and skepticism to collaboration and reliability.

The Impact

Millions in Cost Savings and Risk Avoidance

  • $10M+ in IBM audit risk with a reduction in maintenance fees
  • $9M in cost avoidance in SAP license optimizations
  • $8M in savings from exacting a costly Oracle ULA
  • $3M in Adobe license savings via bundling & downgrade rights
  • $1.8 M annual saving in recommended approach for covering RHEL subscriptions
  • $150M in savings from defending an aggresive Oracle audit
  • $10M+ in Microsoft cost avoidance
  • Millions more in regular IBM software estate management

The partnership with Anglepoint helped the SAM program mature into an integral part of the organizational structure. The team began to provide relevant data to all areas of the company and cemented itself as a valuable part of the overall company strategy. 

What started as a simple ILMT install resulted in a total transformation of the SAM process within the company–and millions in cost savings.

Exhibit 1:

Cost Savings Breakdown


“Our portfolio managers rely heavily on the Anglepoint team and know that they will produce high quality deliverables.”
– Senior Manager, IT Asset Management