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Anglepoint Value Award Winners 2023

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Here at Anglepoint, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our core values: Relationships, Respectfulness, Client Success, Team Success, Innovation, and Growth.

Each quarter, we nominate colleagues who have exemplified one or more of those values and pick four winners who went above and beyond in embracing out culture. The list below showcases our winners from 2023 and the positive impact they had on the people around them.

Q1 2023 Winners

Congrats to our Q1 winners: Anna Duval de Dampierre Phelan, Bogdan Molinaru, Kristian Dale Geanga, and Scott Hair.

Anna Duval de Dampierre Phelan
Client Success

“Anna became a SAP SME support for the [Client] workstream from late 2022. She immediately impressed the client with her wider scope of  publisher knowledge as well as her eagerness and tenacity to deep dive into data in collaboration with customer stakeholders. Anna has fully won the trust of the client to uncover sources of truth, and help guide them through SAP optimization efforts and help realize cost savings opportunities.”

“Anna is nothing short of amazing and exemplifies all these values. [Client] ask us, why can’t everyone be like Anna? She is best in class! She is proactive in identifying inaccuracies within [Client]’s files and has been working to validate and notify them of the problems and then walks through with them to resolve them. She has invested heavily in automation working closely with the dev team to help process the huge amounts of data received for User Profiling project. She has incredible relationships with [Client] stakeholders and internally coordinating across the SAP team, STIG and the dev team. Anna has the greatest respect from myself and from [Client] because she is technically brilliant and is such a lovely human and a joy to work with. Everyone should be like Anna :)”

Bogdan Molinaru

“[Bogdan] has proven in many situations a very good resource for either helping with a deliverable or assisting with Oracle documentation and research. With his significant Oracle background, he will always step in to solve all kind of technical puzzles that help the team in the long run. His work for [Client] has been proven to be excellent and the trusting relationship he has built with this client is just one of the many qualities that he demonstrates every day. All the above plus his professional attitude and willingness to go the extra mile for our team, giving relevant feedback with each deliverable QA, are definitely contributing to our company’s strategy and growth.”

“Bogdan showed exemplary dedication and reliability coupled with his strong technical and business knowledge stepping up at a time where his colleagues in Oracle were either off sick or full of workloads. He is willing to jump on calls and topics on short notice and delivered with flying colours. He has grown well into his role and demonstrated a dependable resource for Anglepoint.”

“Bogdan is always very knowledgeable on the Oracle licensing and every time I had a question or asked for his support, Bogdan was always happy to help.  I feel that the support that he is offering to his colleagues is helping the whole team grow.”

Kristian Dale Geanga

“I am lucky to work with Kristian Dale for [Client] and very quickly saw why he deserves this recognition… Kristian has created a collaborative and respectful work environment, which he does as a multilingual in important languages. I am sure I will learn and practice important skills from him. Undoubtedly a valuable asset to Anglepoint and its client relationships.“

“Dale has shown a high level of stability…via conducting the calls or meetings dynamically and with very positive outcomes. That was my experience on [Client] where every call is different and challenging.”

“Dale has been a great communicator for [Client]. He maintains a good atmosphere internally at Anglepoint and externally with the client, and he does it in different languages. His way of conducting meetings and projects gives confidence to the client and is undoubtedly a very good asset for Anglepoint.”

Scott Hair
Team Success

“Scott’s help with the RFP process has been invaluable. His commitment to supporting Biz Dev colleagues tactically, whilst in parallel creating a best practice methodology to the RFP response process is inspiring. He has helped me specifically with 3 RFPs in recent weeks which have required significant amounts of his time and support… Every RFP process we go through with Scott feels very much like another brick in a strategic wall and I wish to thank him for his commitment to Team Success.”

“Scott has taken on assisting with RFP’s and he has done an excellent job so far in understanding the teams needs, working around busy schedules and time zones and delivered some amazing outputs. Go Scott!”

“Scott is always helpful and quite active contributor to Biz dev team documents e.g.: RFP. I have taken lot of reference documents from the RFP response folder to recreate the proposal, SOW for other customer”

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