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We are very proud to announce the completed acquisition of UK-based Fisher Information Technology Services (FisherITS). FisherITS brings a 10-year track record of providing high-quality SAM consulting and Managed Services to large and midsize clients in the UK, USA, Canada, and EMEA.  

Anglepoint CEO Brian Papay says of the acquisition, “The successful completion of this deal is a testament to the high-caliber organization that FisherITS has created. Anglepoint is committed to expanding our presence in the EMEA region. Adding the deep expertise of the FisherITS team, their outstanding partners, and long-time clients only bolsters Anglepoint’s momentum.”   

The FisherITS team will join us at Anglepoint, bringing industry-leading clients, worldwide channel partners and the intellectual platform OpenSAM, FisherITS’s SaaS-based BI automation solution.

“Large enterprises are increasingly seeing the need and benefit of SAM Managed Services. Anglepoint has more than tripled since 2017, and that growth is because of the strong value that high-quality SAM services provide to our clients,” adds Brian Papay. 

Eric Chiu, founder and Managing Director of FisherITS, says, “FisherITS’s DNA of focusing on business value, deep vendor expertise and automation is very similar to Anglepoint’s. In addition to expanding our geographical service coverage, our global clients and partners can now leverage added areas of expertise such as SAM tooling, cloud cost management (FinOps) and information security.” 


FisherITS provides Software Asset Management consultancy and managed services to large and fast-growing organisations across the world. Specialising in audit support, software optimisation and ITAM programme implementation, FisherITS provides expertise across all leading software publishers such as Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle, Quest and Micro Focus. 

OpenSAM is a SaaS-based automation platform built by FisherITS to deliver SAM-related business intelligence to its Managed Services clients.  

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