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Cloud Optimization Services (FinOps)

Anglepoint is a proud member of the FinOps Foundation.

Gartner reports that organizations without robust cloud governance and processes tend to overspend by nearly 40% each year. We believe them. Cloud pricing is an enormous challenge. With buying decisions that are no longer the sole purview of procurement and bills with millions of lines for subscriptions and services strewn across a dozen teams and departments, cloud pricing is a huge challenge. So what can we do about it?

A better way to govern the cloud.

Partner With Experts

As a member of the FinOps Foundation, we understand the challenges around your PaaS and IaaS.

Develop a Strategy

We can help develop a cloud governance strategy so you can control costs and accurately forecast demand.

Start Monitoring

Our ongoing monitoring services provide ongoing visibility into your cloud consumption.

Find the silver lining in your cloud spend.

Unite stakeholders to strategize enterprise initiatives

This workshop brings together all relevant stakeholders to formulate and plan for cloud strategy. The workshop includes collection of hard data around your current cloud contracts, as well as existing plans for the future. We’ll also evaluate & design your cloud governance model, which consists of your policies, processes, and resourcing required to properly manage your IaaS/PaaS estate.

Identify drivers of spend

Are you surprised by your monthly cloud spend? This service will evaluate and enhance your cost allocation maturity through a chargeback effectiveness assessment, tagging compliance audit, as well as an analysis of forecasting capability & accuracy.

Ensure actionable visibility

This continuous service provides critical spend and consumption data, such as trending of daily costs, month-over-month consumption comparisons, regional & business unit breakdowns, and flagging & notification of outlier anomalies. This allows FinOps and ITAM departments to flag escalating costs and make business decisions that drive the optimization you need from your cloud infrastructure.

Perform Cost-Benefit Analysis

Validate pre-cloud migration to understand and plan for use rights and licensing costs in the cloud. Understand the impact of moving traditional on-prem licenses into the cloud environment.

Leverage Software Licensing in the Cloud

Are you getting the most value from your current software licenses in the cloud? Let us assess your current contract and usage with the goal of recommending areas for hybrid use benefits, bring your own license (BYOL), and when to purchase a license subscription from your cloud provider.

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